Where To Eat In Marrakesh

–by Hamza

Marrakesh is very famous for being a touristic city in Morocco full of rich culture and traditional customs. This fascinating and exquisite city is perfect for excursions, such as meandering around the Jamaa El Fna Square, where you can find customary clothing such as the djellaba; or going to the Jardins de Majorelle where you can find very beautiful gardens. Marrakesh is arguably one of the best cities where you can find international and local food all available in one part of town, called Gueliz. Gueliz is a much more modern place in Marrakesh than the typical touristic sites where it is more traditional. Foodies, vegetarians, and the very hungry can find something here that satisfies them. Some of the very best places where you can go eat in Marrakesh are Le Catanzaro, Matsuri, and Oued Eddahab.

Jamaa El Fna square by night.

Jardins Majorelle

Jardins Majorelle


Catanzaro is a very popular Italian restaurant located just behind the newly open mall Carre Eden. It is owned by a very welcoming French family, who have invested a lot to the food industry. The prices are reasonable as they range from 70-150 dirhams. They serve all sorts of Italian food. There are many types of pizzas that are baked in a fireplace by a very well trained professional chef, and the pasta is just heavenly. You can eat all sorts of pasta, such as lasagna bolognaise, seafood tagliatelle, and delicious tomato sauce spaghetti. Because the restaurant is so successful, you should reserve a table in advance. The family has also started their own restaurant franchise called Pastaz in Marrakech and is gradually expanding. Le Catanzaro is an excellent choice if you would like to have a nice, long peaceful meal in the afternoon. My personal favorite thing to eat there is their dessert Moelleux au Chocolate. E ‘delizioso!

Address: 46, Rue Tariq Bnou Ziad, Gueliz, Marrakech, Morocco.

Phone Number: + 212 5 24 43 37 31

Catanzaro Restaurant

Catanzaro Restaurant


Matsuri, a brand new Japanese restaurant in Marrakesh, is a restaurant franchise in Morocco. It is located in front of the royal tennis club and kawkab jeux.  If you have been in Marrakesh for a while and are quite tired of eating all the tajines and traditional foods, Matsuri is the right place for you. The restaurant’s exotic setting is typical of a normal Japanese restaurant as you pick up your food from the rolling edge of the wall that separates you from the chef and cooks. The sushi is extraordinary with all types available for all kinds of people. If you are vegetarian, then the sushi vegetarien is perfect for you. If you love fish, then the sushi lovers is what you should get. It is inexpensive if you take out as 21 pieces of sushi are just 145 dirhams. However if you eat in, then you will have to pay a little bit more. There are 2 separate menus for take out and the normal one. The Crunchy Mixte dish is one of their best dishes, as it has a variety of fried rolls, which are extremely tasty.

Address: Rue El Imam Chafii, N°1 lotissement Guergouri, Guéliz, Marrakech

Phone number: +212 5 24 43 43 47



Oued Eddahab:

Oued Eddahab is not a fancy restaurant or anything, however it serves possibly the best shawarmas and paninis in Marrakesh. Oued Eddahab is located in the street across Carre Eden and next to another famous food shop called Top Ladid. A shawarma costs 28 dirhams and includes really good fries. What makes this place so special is that it has its own sauce and bread that it serves with the shawarma, which you cannot find anywhere else. This place is well known amongst the locals, and all types of people come here to eat a really quick and delicious meal. Some families have a shawarma night, sort of like Taco Tuesday in the United States. They also have some really good, unique paninis with mouth watering minced meat and cheese. The price is cheap, but the quality is expensive. ^_^

Address: 81, Boulevard el Mansour Eddahbi, Marrakech, Morocco

Phone number: +212 6 68 67 26 47

Oued Eddahab

Oued Eddahab