The 60’s

–by Tamara

Hello everyone.
Even though it’s my last article, I still wanted to write about something interesting (to me, at least). This is why I’m going to talk about the 60’s and why I find them fascinating.
What are the first things that pop into your head when you hear about the 1960’s? For me, it’s: hippies — their peace marches, their lifestyle, their music, festivals, etcetera and so forth.
One of the important features of that decade was that it marked the beginning of serious activism regarding the U.S. politics, as well as fighting for peace and human rights — and hippies were one of the main driving forces behind those movements. Their laid-back attitudes and lifestyles led to a drastic decrease in sexism, homophobia and racism.
Of course all of this sounds amazing, but not everything was as bright. The beginning of acceptance and tolerance was only the beginning; there still was a lot of racism and segregation. The Vietnam War was raging on and on until mid 70’s; and even the hippies were problematic. They were not contributing to society, they were druggies and often caused mayhem at their festivals, with all kinds of consequences.
They did leave us with a huge cultural luggage, though.
Not only the above mentioned tolerance started with them, but they also kickstarted many important tendencies that are still becoming more and more popular: eating healthy organic food, a certain style in clothes… and, one of their most important legacies — the music. So many bands and musicians that rose during or are associated with the 60’s and the hippies are considered the classics today.
Some you might now very well; The Eagles, The Animals, Jimi Hendrix… and, of course, The Beatles.

I have only just started my journey through the chunk of history that is the 60’s but I am already absolutely mesmerized by how much it has to tell and how much of its legacy still persists.


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