Art Exhibition in Marrakech

–by Hamza

On February 27th, there was an opening for an art exhibit here at a local gallery in Marrakesh called the David Bloch Gallery. Three French people are hosting it, and they present the works of Yassine Mekhnache AKA Yaze. He likes to describe himself as a person who thinks, eats, drinks, and lives art. The theme is La Conference des Oiseaux or The Conference of Birds which will be going on until March 24th 2015. I, unfortunately, did not attend the opening day of the exhibition; however, I did manage to attend a “pre-exhibit” day in which you get to see the art and ask a few questions about it.

I am not an art person, and I don’t really have a mind that would analyze an artist’s works and come up with great theories about what he or she meant. That did not stop me from choosing to go to an art exhibit (our English teacher offers it as one of the options for an assignment). I wanted to try something new again, because I thought it would be a good learning experience, and it was, of some sort. I really did not understand much about what the artist’s paintings meant, but I learned that it gave him comfort and it’s his way of searching his soul. That’s what makes him come alive. He inspired me to look and focus more on what makes me come alive, so I guess in a way, his paintings spoke to me.

Click HERE to check out the gallery’s website for more information about the exhibition and the artist.

Address: Rue des Vieux Marrakechis, Marrakech, Morocco

Phone Number:+212 5244-57595











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