My Favorite Cities

–by Hamza

As you may know from the “About Us” section on the blog, I love traveling! I’ve seen many beautiful places in the world and I would like to share with you some of my favorite cities, and the cities I’d like to visit in the future. Hope you enjoy! Leave a
comment below and let me know what are some of your favorite cities/places. ^_^

Rome, Italy

(I’ll upload pictures of me in Rome once I fix my old computer)

The first time I went to Italy was Summer 2010, and I only saw the Northern regions such as Milan, Venice, and Treviso etc. I really liked these places; however, I did not fall in love with Italy until I visited Rome in 2012. I’ve never tasted pasta that good in my life! I guess the rumors about Italian food in Italy being different are true after all. There is this shopping area downtown where you would feel like you are back in the Roman civilization era while in the 21st century thanks to the ancient architecture.

Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro <3

Montenegro ❤



Budva is a small town off the coast of the Montenegrin shore with a population of less than 15,000. Montenegro is a small Balkan country in Southeast Europe. Although there is nothing special to distinguish it from the world but I had this vibe of relaxation. I felt like I was seeing something different for the 1st time in a long time as I mostly go to Western European countries and the states (I’ve also been to Dubai, but that’s different lol.) The quaint houses with their red rooftops were extremely exquisite.  

Berlin, Germany

Berlin was the last foreign place I’ve been to so far, and I already miss it! We arrived there late at night, and the city curfew was at midnight, and we were starving. My friends and I left the hotel at around 11:30 pm, and we went to this American burger place called Route 66 where the waitress wouldn’t serve us (because of a midnight city curfew for minors) unless we got the food to take out. So we did, and then we went to this local restaurant where the waitress was kind enough to let us sit there and eat food from another place and use the Wi-Fi. That was a great start in the city! The next day we saw the Berlin Wall and the different parts of the city (formerly known as Eastern Germany, and Western Germany), and we got to see the Brandenburg Gate, which was really cool at night. We also saw the Holocaust memorial and had free time to roam around the city. I personally had a great time and took with me only good memories from Berlin. ^_^


Zahwa and I


French shirt in a German city ^_^


The Holocaust Memorial.

New York, USA


Rachel (left), Victoria (right), and I in Central Park.


I met Yassine in New York! We were both there by coincidence and I called to ask if we could meet and voila!

I went to New York this summer for a program in Poughkeepsie. I was very excited when I landed in JFK and I saw Manhattan for the 1st time from a distance in the car. It was honestly something I’ve never seen before and I knew at that point why they called it “The City”. I went to Poughkeepsie and stayed there for a couple of days before visiting the city again, and when I set foot there for the 1st time, I felt like I stepped into the future with all the tall skyscrapers everywhere and the different types of people that you see walking. I’ve already been to California and Dubai before New York, but the city has its unique atmosphere.  

Madrid, Spain


Me in Puerta Del Sol, Madrid.

My last moment with Natalia and Beatriz.

My last moment with Natalia (left) and Beatriz (right).

My parents and I drove up to Madrid during the winter break of my freshman year. It was a great road trip, even though I was missing my sisters. We stayed there for 3 days and we arrived there on New Year’s Eve. I watched the fireworks from my hotel room at midnight and I went to bed because I was exhausted. The next day, my mom and I woke up early and went for a walk in this very huge park in Madrid. It was very COLD but we did not mind it because the beauty of nature was the only thing occupying our minds. We met up with my dad afterwards and we kept walking around, and had lunch at this great restaurant. The next day, I met up with two old friends that I met during my summer program in England in 2010! After two years and a half, we had a lot to catch up on, and we chilled in the Puerta Del Sol and I finally had this ice cream that I’ve been craving for a long time that you can find only in Spain. The architecture was very different from Southern Spain, which looks a lot like Morocco; and the people’s style was also very fashionable.

Cities I’d like to visit in the future:

Moscow, Russia


I am going to Moscow for sure next month during Spring Break with my school and I am very excited! I’ve always wanted to go Russia because although part of it is in Europe, it’s very different! I want to see the culture and the people, and how they live their everyday lives, which is going to be very interesting. Also Tamara is from Moscow, and I’m finally going to see her hometown, and we’ll both be equal lol. There is nothing in particular that I think is on the top of my list to see in Moscow (although I am excited to see the Kremlin), but it is definitely on my top list of cities I’d like to see.

Sydney, Australia


I’ve had this weird obsession with Australia since last year. I really want to go to Australia badly, specifically Sydney. It’s one of the farthest places from home, but going there would be worth it. Also, it’s summer there right now, and it amazes me how in one part of the world, the days are long and hot, and in another, they’re short and cold. I really want to see the Sydney Opera House, and I want to go to Bondi beach badly. The people there are very chill, and I feel like it would be a great place to relax and just “carpe diem”. I also want to see the exotic animals there such as the kangaroos and koalas. I am thinking of studying there for a year abroad after I settle down for a year or two on the west coast (California). ^_^


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Cities

    • Yeah! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to visit such amazing places! BTW I just checked out your blog, and it looks astonishing! I love photography and I wanted to apply for a summer program on photography in AUSTRALIA however they only accept candidates over 18. I’m jealous of the fact that you get to travel and take such beautiful pictures!!! ^_^ Keep up the good work!


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